Club Recruitment of Volunteers Policy

Below is the process agreed by Lámh Dhearg CLG in relation to recruiting any Officer/Coach in to a role within the Club.

  1. Clear and defined roles of all positions to be agreed and scripted prior to advertisement of the roles.
  2. Club roles will be ratified by the Executive Committee prior to notification and call for nominations ahead of the AGM.
  3. The Club will widely promote all available positions, and their role descriptions prior to the AGM or start date of the position.
  4. Where appropriate Vice or Assistant positions will be allocated.
  5. The date of election shall be the start date of the person in the role.
  6. A six‐week probationary period (from the start date) will be allocated in which time the person can leave the role, or can be removed from the role with feedback given as to the reason why. The end date of the probationary period will be recorded at the next Executive Committee meeting; or should someone leave the role prior to completion of the probationary period, this will be recorded at the next Executive Committee meeting.
  7. All volunteers in the role will be offered adequate support to fulfil their role.
  8. Training will be offered to volunteers in their role, and a record of this shall be kept by the Club.
  9. All volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults will be vetted using Access NI. The date of vetting will be recorded and held by the Club; overseen by the Club Chairperson.
  10. The Club will record an End Date for all positions within the club.