Club Maith: What Is It And Who Is It For?

What Is It?

Club Maith is a Club accreditation scheme which is unique to the GAA. It allows Clubs to be benchmarked against best practice standards across the full range of GAA Club activity. A Club Maith award makes a clear, proven statement about the quality of a Club, right across the board.

How Does It Work?

To take part Clubs submit a portfolio which shows how they match up to the framework set by the Club Maith scheme. The portfolio is then assessed (with an assessment visit sometimes involved) and an award is then made. Taking part in Club Maith is straightforward. Any Club, big or small, can get involved and be accredited.

The process is as follows:

  1. A Club completes this application form on line or submits it to the Ulster Council at Market Street, Armagh.
  2. A Club Maith pack will then be sent to the Club. It will include a portfolio which the Club has to complete and send to the Ulster Council for assessment.
  3. The Ulster Council may then organise an assessment visit to the Club.
  4. The portfolio will be returned to the Club and, if the everything is in order, a Club Maith award will conferred.

There are four levels of Club Maith award:

Platinum Award: this is a special award which can be obtained only by outstanding, fully integrated, community-based GAA Clubs. Successful Clubs will meet all the Club Maith criteria and will deliver at least four Gaelic games as well as taking part in Scór.

Gold Award: this level of award is conferred on excellent Clubs, ie those which are fully-integrated, offering at least one male and one female Gaelic game as well as taking part in Scór.

Silver Award: the Silver award is conferred on good Clubs, ie those which provide at least oneGAA game at all levels and which show some involvement in Gaelic cultural activities.

Bronze Award: the Bronze award shows that a Club meets the minimal operating standards and procedures set out by the GAA. This means it will deliver a GAA game and will have the basic Club governance procedures in place.